Tower Living

has (since 1992) grown from a furniture distributor to become the leading and trendsetting partner for wholesalers, chain stores, retailers and purchasing organizations in the Netherlands and far beyond.



The secret of the success lies in our philosophy: we believe that working together brings you further together. By giving constant priority to the common interest, it has been a long time since we were merely the distributor that imported, traded and transported furniture.


On the contrary. TOWER Living has much more to offer. Such as a team of designers that designs tables, chairs, couches, cupboards and complete interior design programs, even tailor-made to your wishes and those of your customers.


These designs are produced under our guidance by a select group of manufacturers. Contemporary, modern or timeless furniture, always up-to-date and with unprecedented value for money.


Short lines with our back office, a transparent network and our own production office in the Far East ensure rapid delivery. We store the collections centrally in the Netherlands, or they find their way directly to our customers after production. Thanks to our large stock, we can deliver on demand.


In fact, we not only design furniture but also create complete concepts for the consumer market.


Together, we market the furniture concept, develop the corporate image, design collections and in-store communication tools, and train sales staff. We do everything possible so the sales concept matches the needs of the market.


Designing, manufacturing, importing and marketing contemporary, competitively priced concepts and furniture programs, from single pieces to complete containers. At TOWER Living we like to do what we do best with a high level of service and reliability. So as an entrepreneur you can focus on what you do best: selling without risk.

Tower Living

Our Programs

Tower Living designs, manufactures, imports and markets contemporary furniture programs.

Fresh and current. Qualitative and competitively priced. Are you an entrepreneur and ready to work with Tower Living?

Tower Living
Tower Living